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Our team offers safe, trusted, and cost-effective bariatric procedures in Mexico. We have top surgeons and experts to guide patients every step of the way – even after the procedure. The bariatric surgeons on our team are board-certified with substantial experience in weight loss surgery. At MBC, we strive for patient success, effective weight loss, and low complications. Our surgeons work in top-rated hospitals, with equipment and safety standards comparable to the United States.

Our Vision

Mexico Gastric Balloon focuses on providing world-class patient experience through pre-op, surgery day, and post-op. Our vision is to be the safest and most affordable bariatric experience accessible to everyone. Mexico Balloon procedure is provided by Mexico Bariatric Center, the leader in medical tourism and bariatric surgery.

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Facilities in Mexico

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Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana, Mexico

Hospital Mi Doctor

Mexico Gastric Balloon uses a top-quality hospital in Tijuana, Mexico called Hospital Mi Doctor. Hospital Mi Doctor is strictly a bariatric surgery facility. It has grown to become a sought-after destination in the medical tourism industry. Our hospital is certified in Tijuana, Mexico. It also has very similar safety standards and equipment comparable to the United States. With high-quality, certified bariatric surgeons combined with a full-service hospital, its no wonder Mexico Gastric Balloon is growing so rapidly through its host company, Mexico Bariatric Center. Our certified hospital, Hospital Mi Doctor, also has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to better protect our bariatric patients from risks, complications, and emergencies. We have every staff member in place to make sure your transition into surgery is as comfortable as possible with nurses and surgeons that go out of their way to make you feel safe.

Who is Talking About Us?

Our Recent Testimonials From Our Patients!

  • This place is amazing from the time I got off the plane to the time I got back on the plane. Very helpful and professional people. Everyone made sure you was safe and ok, and if they needed to do anything for you. All smiles and all 100% trying to make your stay comfortable.
    January 2018 Patient
  • I had a very positive experience with MBC. Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez and his staff were very professional and friendly. I was informed every step of the way. They have everything worked out to the last detail so you don't have to worry about anything. From the minute you arrive to the day you depart. The medical staff was exceptionally attentive and helpful. I would recommend MBC and any one of the highly capable doctors for any one of the procedures you may be considering.
    February 2018 Patient
  • My bariatric procedure with MBC has made me so happy and I look at life completely differently now, even after only a week. This is a huge lifestyle change and it’s MY lifestyle change! MBC took care of me, clean equipment, clean room, very attentive nurses and Dr.’s. Before surgery, I met all my nurses, and assisting Dr’s and Dr. Valenzuela. They were all awesome and answered ALL my questions. I wish I could do it again, just for the care. I would recommend MBC to anyone who needs this procedure done to do it. Wish I did this 10 years ago! Good Luck to you!
    December 2017 Patient